Why You are Priceless?

Jason is well aware that a lot of actors, actresses and more despise what they do. It is not the money or anything but what they have to do for it. There are believers of GOD all around the industry. Sadly, that does not help them live the lifestyles of luxury they crave. So, they compromise but Jason wants different. He wants to see Jesus as who he really is. The author of Proverbs talks about the fear of the lord. There is no fear of the lord in this world. Jason sees that not many have the proper, healthy view of GOD they shall. GOD is the beginning of wisdom and there is no limit to it.

Jason loves it. He loves it so much; he wants to help others have it. He sat down with a friend, Mark, that desired it just like him. Mark developed the habits Jason fought with early on. He just did not know it Jason reminded him of it. In addition, he informed him how important it is to see how important it is to see himself as who he really is. Mark took nothing Jason said lightly. He never does. He took that information and developed a practice of his own.

Ephesians 2:10 says that we are a masterpiece. Isiah 43:4 says that we are precious. When people go through hurt and pain, they forget this sometimes. Not only through hurt and pain, but when they lose somethings. That is exactly what the enemy wants is to do. He wants us to forget. Mark started acting like those things are true. So much until people misjudged him. They thought he was conceded and arrogant. He was even talking different. There was an urgency about him because his behavior followed beliefs. He is a child of GOD precious and priceless in GOD’s sight. Jason helped him to see that.

Proverbs 9:10, 1 Peter 2:9-10, Jerimiah 31:3

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