Wire It To Your Mind

Why do many believers find themselves insecure? That is a question Jason asked himself often. He did so when he first started. That was until he wired Psalms 139 to his mind. Sadly, that is not the case for us all. His significant other, Brandy Smith, is struggling with it. The two met in college. Early in their relationship, he witnessed what she desired. She desired to know more about her walk with Christ just like him. From then on, they bonded. As time went on, the two became more close. Jason proposed after five years and she told him no. He could not understand the reason. So he prayed to GOD about it. What the lord told him hurt him more than anything. The Lord replied " Do what you do to yourself". Jason did not understand it but he obeyed.

Brandy called him soon after to apologize. She told him she loved him and wants her life with him. She also told him something she was hiding. Brandy did not feel worthy of being his wife. She did not feel that her husband would love the real her. Jason accepted but he also reminded her that GOD knows her. He reminded her that she is understood. Lastly, he assures her that he loves her intimately. Brandy was replaying all of her past mistakes in her head. So much until she felt insecure. Once she realized she is forgiven, she said yes to him. Currently, the two are now happily married. She is more confident than he is. They have a big house and family in California.

Take notice of this fact. Jason was given a simple answer after prayer. He executed it the same way. We all fall into insecurities. They make us feel we are not loved. Truth is, we are. We sometimes need to be reminded of that. Jason was ready to remind her. The lord hedges us just like he hedged David in the bible. He secures our future. He gave us all a promise in Jerimiah 29:11. Our future is in his hands before we are born. With that being said, there is no reason to worry about anything. Like Jason, wire psalms 139 to your mind.

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