Why Being Nonchalant Is Not a Bad thing

" Honey, you are so nonchalant. You see all of this happening and you seem relaxed, It is prayer time. Why are you that way?" Brandy asked. Jason replied in great fashion about this. Before going into what he said let's dig deeper. Un relaxation does not make anything better. Like Jason, we all could do the same. It negates a lot of stress. " First of all, it has always been prayer time. I grew up in the ministry that said that very same thing. Sadly, it was only said when something happened. It took GOD giving me new eyes for me to see differently" he said.

The faithful job's story maybe the most underrated one in the bible. Bad things happened to Job. Job lost everything but he was being tested. There is always a message in what makes us uncomfortable. If GOD wants to stop it, he will. Along with Job, there is much in the bible echoing this. Jason was not always this way. Before they met, he has a story of his own. He was going through trials. It was like every day; every second something was happening. Slowly, he felt my faith was shifting. I took time, but he changed his mentality. Serving GOD does not mean he won't allow unfortunate events to test you. The truth we ignore is that it happens to all of us.

It is like many believers forget that GOD is always moving. One of the many issues with the ministry today has been there for a long time. Too much of those ranking high in the church are saying the devil is busy. Too much talking saying enemy. So much until believers say it. That's not a lie but does not need to be acknowledged. GOD is busy too. He has always been busy. He asked us all to acknowledge him in all thy ways. It is right there in proverbs 3:6. It is very insulting to acknowledge him in some. Despite all going on around us, rest assure he will get the glory in the end. There are some great things happening. He is moving and Jason knows it. That's why being Nonchalant is not a bad thing.

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