We are Blessed to be a Blessing

We serve GOD but he's not providing. Why is he not providing? Brandy asked Jason that question and he replied saying “Aren't we living? We have a roof over our heads. We have food. GOD blesses us daily”. Reluctantly, she understood. God is always in the blessing business. Jason knows it and also that his wife is struggling to believe that he is. So, he wanted to strategically say that we are blessed to help another be blessed. God doesn't keep blessings to himself, and we shouldn't neither. He held his wife hand and the two talked.


Jason told this story about a guy that was in prison for selling drugs. He and his brother sold it. His brother just wasn't caught. Instead, he was killed. That only devastated him. It motivated him. The guy, John, was sitting there in prison praying but he was not praying to God. He was praying to Satan. He asked Satan to give him all he desires. His family was I’m ready to do whatever it takes. He knew he was going to get out & wanted more. He got the more he asked for but what it took, made him change his entire outlook. He went back to jail but, he came out a changed man.


John changed his surroundings. He was in a gang most his life. He came out and still was in one. This one was just full of Christian men. God directed his path right to them. He came out broke and loved it for some reason. Every time he needed; GOD provided. He knew what it was to have money but not what it was to give it. He shares it with others gladly. We all want to live luxurious. That's not a secret but, we should all want to be a blessing as well.  Brandy wasn't reluctant any longer. She realized that they are blessed like Jason said.



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