True Repentance

It’s 6:00 pm Friday night. The newly weds went out to the movies but abruptly returned. Noticeably, the two seem angry at each other. Jason doesn’t even stay in the room with his wife. He undresses for bed down stairs. To make matters worse, he prepared to sleep down there. That was until he remembered a childhood story. A story that helped him learn what true repentance is.


He was in a fight with his cousin. The cousin said he was being mean. Jason accused him of lying and the two rumbled. Despite what her son said, mom knew Jason was lying. First she broke up the feud. Immediately after she demanded he apologize. He did but, he didn’t mean it.  His cousin knew it too. He just apologized because his mom asked him to. Later that night, he made a turn. He apologized again. His cousin saw different this time around. He replied with an apology himself. True repentance has no age limit.


He did the same to his wife. He walked up there without hesitation. He looked her in the eye. She looked in his. Both their eyes were filled with tears. They gladly apologized to one another. Three things to notice here. One is that he apologized on his own. She followed his lead. That was the first mistake with his cousin. The second is that he wasn’t sarcastic. His actions backed his apology.  He didn’t display the actions that the apology was genuine. He rolled his eyes. That's why his cousin figured he didn't mean it. Thirdly, they are both Christians. Christians fight but they know what GOD says. He said to not let the sun set on  your anger. He obeyed swiftly. It’s because of those actions he’d save his soul and hers.


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