Tips To Help You In The Midst of Trials

Movie star Chris Smith is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. The films he does helps others cope. He was so busy helping others cope he was not helping himself. So, he took a break from doing film. His agent informed him of a role he is offered to play when he returns. Chris would play James Bunyan of England. He knows that he has studying to do for his role. He does it for each role. So, he starts reading up on the character he is going to play. In the film, he’s a young business man. He is also a Christian author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He will speak at a networking event. James will include his networking buddies in the film. They will not have starring roles but they will be on program. His buddies' names are Alvin Chia of Singapore, Kezia Lewis of Philippians, Raphael Zhang of Singapore, and Karen Pimpo of USA. In just five days.

Count it All Joy

Chris is intrigued, so he starts to read the script. James says something to make those attending think. Reading it, made him think also. He told thousands of people to imagine. Imagine that they just had another long series of terrible days. Chris took it personally. He did his last few movies wondering how things could get any worse off the screen. It became so bad he took a hiatus. He sat down with a good friend of his and told him about it. He knew he should know better and that he would give the advice he needed. He listened and did just that. How his friend responded was harsh but truth he needed. That is exactly what James in the bible did. James said for us all to consider ourselves blessed. He doesn’t invite us to rejoice because of trials. It’s not the trials themselves that are good it’s the Christian character. They produce the testing of your faith. They produce perseverance. Allow perseverance to finish its work. That's how you will mature. That's how you'd be complete. You won't be lacking anything. Knowing these things, count it all joy.

Ask For Wisdom

One of the deceptive, great idols of our times is comfort. We spend so much money trying to become creators and sustainers of our own self-contained world. That's good but Jesus challenges us. He tells us to take up your cross and follow me. If you live long enough in this world, you will inevitably go through some kind of suffering. That is just reality. Another reality is that it is not meaningless. God is shaping and pruning you in it. Alvin of singapore was faced with trials. He was retrenched from his job without warning. He worked there for about two years. Things weren't much different outside of work. In fact, they were worse. His girlfriend's father was sick and the following month things became intense. Her father had motor neuron disease. After being admitted to the hospital, he died. Throughout all of that, he kept reminding himself to keep trusting God. He admitted that those months have been especially tough. He just saw trials through a different perspective. Trials are going to come. We all hate them but they will come. Alvin showed us how to apply it. We must have wisdom. If it is not there ask GOD for it. He is generous to give it. Wisdom is not the same as knowledge. It is the practical use of knowledge and it is necessary to help us view trials from the right perspective. The longer a trial drags on, the harder it can be to keep trusting God.

Be Not Double Minded

Sometimes, you just don’t feel GOD is listening. Kezia Lewis of Philippians reminds them that he is. If you they think that way, they are double minded. We must not be uncertain if God is really listening to our prayers. We must not doubt. A double minded person is tossed back and forth by the wind. This person easily gives up his trust in God. Especially, when they are faced with unpleasant things in life. So let’s approach God with full confidence. Believe in him after praying to him. GOD has power and authority over all things he has created. We can trust that he is still in control even when things are not going the way we want. He promises to provide for our needs because he loves us. Help always arrives on time. We know that we already have the best thing in life. Lewis met a man whose story challenged and inspired her. The man came from a wealthy influential family of a different faith. When he left home for college, he met Jesus. He surrendered his life to him and his parents opposed this. They demanded that he give up his newfound faith. Despite their demands, he continued to cling on. He was hoping for the day his loved ones will come to know Jesus like himself. It was pretty tempting for him to give up his faith to enjoy the approval of his family. If he gave it up, riches they were ready to give him. It was appealing to do what seemed right in the eyes of his family and friends. The man remembered James said the man who persists in doing what is right on her trial is blessed. So, consider yourself blessed.

See Beyond Earthly Benefits

Raphael Johnson will remind the people of what's important. He tells everyone in that room what being blessed means. It is not having material prosperity. It is not having trouble free relationships. It is not having healthy bodies. James told us to see beyond these earthly benefits. The blessed man is not a stranger to struggle but persists to remain rooted in God under suffering. That man holds fast to his promise of the crown of life no matter the pressure pushing him. That lies within them. That man will not give in because he understands that this earthly life is momentary. So keep persisting in his faith at the expense of his inheritance. Have a committed heart. God’s word rallies us to hold on to Jesus because he has promised us. Our unparalleled life lies in eternity with him. He has promised us the crown of life. That is a gift we cannot possibly accurately describe in our limited understanding. Heavenly things may we persevere. So that when we have the done the will of God we will receive what he has promised. Attractive and gratifying sin makes you lose focus. It's this that is often forgotten. Many try not to admit it but Johnson did not. If your sin doesn’t feel good you’re doing it wrong. That doesn't mean to go sin. What sun could produce feels really pleasurable and it could blind you. James says each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Being limited to earthly benefits is a sin. Seeing beyond them is not. Sin never ever delivers on its promise of pleasure.

Celebrate Good Gifts

Karen Pimpo of the USA received a letter. It was two weeks after Christmas when it came. She was excited when she saw who wrote it. She was more excited when she ripped it open. It was from her mother. It was a neatly handwritten thank you note. Her mom always reminded her about the importance of good manners. It felt like her note was a genuine thank you as well as a subtle reminder. A reminder for her to send my own Christmas notes she tucked away. She sat down to start writing a few thank you notes of her own. Her moms note was a good reminder to celebrate good gifts. James tells us that whatever is good and perfect ultimately comes from God. Recognizing the blessings and expressing gratitude is especially vital when we’re in the midst of trials and temptations. When it’s most difficult. During James time, people were likely discouraged at times. Its no surprise if they even question God’s goodness were these trials and temptations from his hand. James gently reminds us that not only does God never tempt us to do wrong 113 he never gives us a bad or evil gift the suffering of this world is a result of our brokenness of the imperfect world. God is the source of all good things. He is constant and faithful. James tells us to not allow anything to persuade us otherwise. We must address those of us who are still not convinced. The greatest example of God’s good gifts to us is the offer of salvation and redemption. This is God’s ultimate gift of grace to us in this world. There will be trouble like Jesus said. He also said to take heart. He has overcome the world. We are assured that our savior has overcome today. So look out for the good and perfect gifts in our lives. Some are little and some are big. A simple thank you note pleased her. A simple thank you note to anyone facing trials helps them a lot.

Not only is Chris prepared for his next role. He is also prepared to end his hiatus. From just reading the script his perspective changed. He will be on screen helping others as well as himself. This reminder is just what he needed. Everything he needed wad

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