How To Become a Master at Networking

Updated: May 7

Pastors aren't just good at doing their sermons. They're great networkers. They are followers of GOD but, their ministry is a business. Like many, networking is the core of their business. Networking is the core of any business for that matter. This is the important part no matter the stage of a business. In this blog post. you will understand why and how they are masters at it. Additionally, you would know how to become masters like them.

Have you ever wondered how devices work? In today's society, you have a bunch of devices. Flat-screen TV’s is one of the biggest ones. Nowadays, they all have streaming applications on them. Apps that all require a subscription. Additionally, you have to have internet so they'd work properly. It's much easier to connect properly but, it wasn't always that way. Wires made it more complex. Today, it’s a lot more simplified. When the devices are connected, they’re able to share data. The same goes for any other device. They connect devices wirelessly using a wireless access point. They all are apart of a network. Devices are great at networking and you could be too.

Let's go away from the devices and back to mega pastors. They speak in front of large crowds. Networking isn't a challenge for them. Networking was a challenge for them. Some were so irrationally against it. Ask any person how they feel about networking. Be not surprised if they say “it's awkward”. Be not surprised if they say “ I don’t know”. These are common answers. Many are shy and quiet. They get very uncomfortable. Believe it or not, many pastors were one of those people starting out. They hated networking and basically avoided any opportunity to do it. These are tips that helped them overcome it and they will help you.

1. Know Your Goal

This tip helped them over come it. It has changed their ability to network massively. When they stepped away from their pulpit, they watched others. Some did not start before this. It's a lot less stressful to do it that way. A pastor watching another preach a sermon is not uncommon. Very few said “I hate these things” and didn't turn up.

Be not afraid to do the same thing. Don't ever take that approach. You must network with those who have what you need. Notice that mega pastors don’t get shy and quiet. They arrive with a goal. They make meaningful connections with people. In addition, they connect with the pastor. Knowing the goal makes them proactive & it will make you.

2. Take Control

Once you know your goal and achieve it, take the next step. Don't be afraid to take it. You could be considered rude or anything but, it is needed. In direct marketing we all learned a principle called taking control.

In otherwords, take the first step and move on. Most pastors do this and it helps.They don't wait ’or other people to take the first step with them. In the world of direct marketing, this is best called taking control. It's just as simple as that. Surely, it would help you to do the same.

3. Don’t Be Negative

After establishing that you have control, stay positive. If you're going to move on be nice about it. You don't want the person you're networking with to see you as a miserable stif. Networkers are rarely miserable. They are rarely insecure. They're always positive.

To be honest, negativity is nothing but insecurity disguised. Pastors often try to bond with people over bad things. They rarely say negative things. There are some that made this mistake and found it’s terrible. They put off everybody because they became that insecure person. So, they are very careful networking. Never be negative.

4. Don’t Be Complacent

Remember, we discussed taking control. This is where it's often applied. When you actually get into a good conversation keep it little. Use the kiss (keep it short and simple) method. in the midst of a good conversation, you develop a real bond.

You shouldn't want to stay with them for the whole evening. Its understanding that you feel good but, remember that you must move on. Make a point of saying thank you it’s been great meeting you. Go and meet I’m definitely going to get in touch with you at this and this time and I’m going to meet a few more people now so who knows maybe I’ll see you later but have a good time. Not only are you stopping your growth, you're stopping theirs too. Never get complacent.

5. Give First, Receive Later

Always be focused on giving something to them. Offer to connect them with somebody that they want to talk to. Offer to help them in some way. When you do that, you impress them.

Pastors are always focused on offering. They prove that they don’t just have their own interests at heart. They aren't just focused on their own needs.

6. Connect Others

When you give, you allow them to connect with others. This is a bit of a master move for networkers. You will earn brownie points with them. In addition, you can also make yourself feel good. Consider yourself a part of the set up. Connecting people with each other is a great way to leave somebody.

This actually says to them you "I have your best interest". Inform that that you know someone that you think they should connect with. Speak highly of them and be honest. Take them to meet one another. In the end, they'd both thank you. They'd remember you helped connect them both. Lastly, they'd be grateful for what you've done.

7. Be Curious About Mutual Benefits

It's ok to do this. This is often how pastors have guests speak at their church. When they network with other pastors, they are curious. So curious until they develop a healthy relationship. Mutual benefit and curiosity is their friend and it's yours.

At a networking event, curiosity is great. Especially if you are in a curious mindset. You want to find out about what people do. You want to know how would you could fit in. You want to know how you both could collaborate. Stay curious and focused on the mutual benefit and not just on your own benefit. That is how you will build trust.

8. Conversation Balance

You rarely see pastors dominate one another when talking about gods word. They listen to one another. Even if they disagree, it's handled professionally. They balance the conversation. Now, take their method and apply it to your networking.

You always want to balance the conversation. No one wants to be in a situation where they have to listen to somebody talking for minutes just about their business. They want to speak of their own so allow it. You don’t want to become the boring, dominant person that drones on and on about themselves. It's important to always focus on conversation balance.

9. Stay Ambitious

Pastors are very ambitious. It’s not in them to be complacent. They do not get stuck talking to one member. In addition, they are the first to project their voices. After they get the word across, they leave.

Like them, you do the same. Never stay and wait because it doesn't work. Its much easier to get into a new conversation when you are moving. When you move, you will notice someone else. If you have a bit of eye contact with somebody just turn to them and say Hi. Start a brief conversation about networking.

10. Enjoy the Process

It's no secret that pastors love what they do. It's for who it's for and what they get out of it. They do it and leave. You could see the joy on their faces. That same joy, you could have.

Enjoy the process. Make networking fun for yourself. When you focus on this, it really focuses your mind. You must remain focused on this aspect. Turn every networking event into a fun event.

Some may wonder why was pastors used here. There are multiple reasons why. One of them is the fact that they're businessmen. Pastors network more than anyone. They are the perfect model for you. They create businesses. They live the lives they love. Take these ten tips and utilize them. Networking was never complex. It just wasn't as easy as it is now. With these steaming apps and sites, it's simplified. I know many say that social media is bad and more. I personally say, it's just how it's used. It's easier now than it ever was. You don't even have to leave home nowadays.

It's so easy it spoils you. I kept all of my social media platforms to network. At first, I found myself doing other things. Now, I take it more serious. Networking shouldn’t be an event. Its an ongoing organic process of building relationships. The relationships are often people you actually like. So you want to make it a lifelong practice of meeting new friends that you can contribute to. Here are a few more simple networking tips to help you do it. This era makes it easier for those that hate it. Especially during this time of the pandemic. One tip that will giving. You want to help someone out. You could write a great book. You could give recommendations. What you have to give may have nothing to do with you or your business.

The network is built in your giving. Your whole focus should be to give. Another tip involves you being present. Marie Foleo told a story describing this very well. “I’m lucky enough to take yoga. I have the most gifted and amazing teachers in the whole entire world. Mr Rodney and I was taking class with Rodney last week and it’s kind of amazing Rodney is so present always so after class there’s always like 70 people swarming around hi. They all were trying to get his attention.When I was leaving class, he was talking to someone and I put my hand on his this is a gesture to say thank you and to let him know I was leaving ‘. He and I were buddies. You know something, he did not even break his concentration. He didn’t acknowledge me at all. I didn't see it as rude but quite amazing. Amazing because, was so fully present with the person he was talking to.” She was saying that most networking people do something big. He did something big. What he did was really big. He was present with the person in front. When you're not really present that's bad. Do not ever make that mistake. Lastly, listen more than you talk. When you meet new people, share. Make them feel welcome. Build that trust. Networking right saves you a lot of time.

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