Networking Heals

Michael Smith was born on August 15, 1983. He is the only child of Marcy and John Smith. Michael's father died when he was just a baby. His mother raised him alone in a rough neighborhood. His mother often found ways to keep him out of trouble. As he got older, he found one, basketball, himself. He was destined to be a basketball star. Throughout his school years, he did prove it. He was offered a full scholarship for the Kansas J Hawks. There, his stardom only increased. Now, he's a star professionally. Like any other star player, he saw personal struggles. Struggles in the past and present. All he overcame he overcame but the recent ones were more complicated. So complicated, it took a devastating toll on him mentally.

This time, it was much more severe. His mom unexpectedly died. His first love passed away and he was devastated. So devastated it affected him mentally. He had to take off years of doing what he loved. He did return but, it was visible. Visible that he was not the same. Off the court he stopped driving. He stopped going out. He just created a wall for himself. Michael needed needed someone to talk to him. Three athletes like himself took on the challenge. The former and current athletes played different sports. They invited him to sit down and talk to them. During the talk, they found out what they did not expect. It was more than his mothers death that affected him.

His father was abusive and his mom was an addict. In fact, she stole money from him. Obviously, he never took legal action because that was his mom. He was just hurt by that. Making it professionally was his dream to get out. He became a pro, got married and had kids. His mom knew of his hurt so, she cleaned up. After her death, he was out of basketball. Now he is searching out other people to build adult relationships with. He is willingly networking with other adults. Everything that’s happened in his life is so different. He only came out the house to play basketball. When he would go home at night, he didn’t care for nothing else. He tried talking to his kids as much as he could. He didn't see his kids much so; he took advantage when he did. He didn't he wasn’t driving as much. He didn't know what to expect when he left his house anymore. Michael wasn't also talking to nobody. In other words, he was not living a sustainable life. Michael, 33, was young to live that way. He could still play ball but, he wanted things the way it used to be. He wanted to be networking the way he used to. He wanted to interact with people. As he displayed his desire, friends offered. They invited him out. In the end, the networking he wanted back healed him.

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