If You Compromise, You Could Live the American Dream

Updated: Sep 14

“How did I inspire you not to chase the American Dream?” Jason asked his wife. Before she could respond an old face, Michael Jones, drives by. Jones is well known in the community. He has a mansion in this area. He is a musician; he donates and is active. Despite it, he never went mainstream. Jason does not know the guy but his wife does. As he drove by, he noticeably started slowing down. He not only slowed down, he looked at Brandy.  Jason took notice and he did not like it. “What was that about?” Jason said. “Don’t Worry about it,” said Brandy.  Jason took heed to the advice. It was not visible at the time. Internally, he was not happy.

After they finished their work out, he was visibly frustrated about it. “Are you okay?” Brandy asked. “I’m alright” he said. By this point, her instincts as a wife kicked in. She knew something was wrong. Additionally, she knew what it was. Jason confirmed exactly what she was thinking.  “Brandy, why was he looking at you like that?” Jason asked. He knew it was something but did not want to assume anything. He wanted her to tell him. “Jones is one of the guys I used to date before you and I. He’s been selling drugs around here for years.” Jason was kind of shocked. He does not seem to be the type. Why did you two become an item?” Jason asked. The way that she responded was quite surprising. Jason knew of her past. Additionally, he knew that she was the one that walked away. She confirmed that what he does for the community is a cover up.   “To answer your question, he wanted to live a life of compromise. All for the American Dream.”

Her response was more of a lesson. Jason knew exactly where she was going. Living the American dream is not bad. It just takes one that takes us losing a lot of integrity and dignity. Think of the wealthy entertainers. There are things they have to do just to live in luxury. Jones did not make it big but he is killing his own people.  If the bible says there is wickedness in high places think about it. It takes a lot of sacrifice to get there and much to stay there. Jesus sacrificed for our salvation not for riches. That is not what Jones is doing. Jason’s question was answered by a simple drive by. If you want to live the American Dream, be prepared to compromise.

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