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Updated: May 10

The pandemic has made many adjustments live. Traditional networking is slowly drifting away. People are now networking digitally. One of the newtworking devices to help them is a camera. They do what's called Vlogging now. The camera is installed on the phones & the computers. Additional installed networking devices include the access point. Vlogging could be live or recorded. One of the many who love using this method is pastors. They interact with their national congregation by using vlogging. Sometimes it is a live, sometimes it's pre-recorded. Firstly, you must understand what it is. Networking digitally is just like Marketing. Digital Marketing is huge. The transition to the online world has changed many things. Businesses and non-businesses are taking advantage of it to promote their services. Many businessmen are wishing that it was around when they started. The field of marketing has come to revolve around the world wide web. Inbound marketing is similar. They both use online tactics to attract and target customers. Those customers are often visitors to the websites the content promotes. Some buy and some do not. The most powerful digital marketing asset is a blog. The blog allows websites to grow rapidly. This type of marketing is in so much demand. It can work for many businesses. Instead of going to class for this, you could go online. Digital marketing uses all electronic devices. Businesses leverage digital channels. In this blog posting, you'd know that it's highly possible to use on all social media platforms. Digital marketing on social media as one of the greatest blessings of our time.

The V in Vlogging stands for video. Vlogging is best described as Video Advertising. When they do the live videos, people interact live as well. It is optimized as it should be and it has just enough information. That is how you create the suspense. All digital ads are winners. These just demand action without asking for it. In addition, these ad types demand that you be creative. Make sure they have the right content. The content put on them must add up to the campaign. All the video ads are well customized, structured, and clear. Their sentences are very concise. Advertisers make sure that their videos meet the standards needed. Social media is websites and applications that hold content. Content that is created by the users on it. Sadly, more of the wrong content is made than the right. That has made many see it as cancer. Despite that, what it offers can't be ignored. Since we are in a digital era, digital ads are visible. More live streaming ads are being used now. This world is virtual so there are more video ads. When I first started this journey. A blog with only words is good. Truthfully, I had to find out that they are not enough. With Vlogging, you could do a lot more.

The giant Pepsi is a great example of a non-optimized ad. A few years back, they put fears in many when they debuted an ad. The ad missed the mark. It affected social justice movements negatively. Like many, I doubt that was the ad's intention. I know it was not. It was just poor, insensitive judgment used to sell their products. All of the ads should have a call to action on them. It depends on the device the ads are displayed on. When one clicks on it, that helps the conversation to increase. These Ads are perfect for the business owners that desire to attract. When that button's clicked it's happening. Lastly, give it all your best. Let viewers see what you offer. Let them know why you did it. If it's digital, it's public. If you understand these, you are ready to start building. Yes, it is a lengthy process but, you have to be serious if you want to do it. Digital marketers must create Ads that attract. Most of the work is prepared and done behind the scenes. Behind the scenes to reach the masses. Marketing is a lifestyle. . With today's technology. It is a lot easier. You could even do it from your cellular device. Since it is done on that device you could do it from anywhere. For example, do you think all digital ads or videos are done in a studio? The stores have cell phone mounters. Additionally, they sale stands for lighting. People broadcast from their homes. They were only popular with ride-sharing drivers in their cars. Research has proven that they are now popular elsewhere. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Years ago, it was hard to do this. You had to spend a lot of money. To rent a camera to start promoting. This article will show you the basics that will help you. Before you start your Vlogging make sure to do these. The basics make it a lot easier.

  1. Create a Profile

When you join any social media platform, you must create this first. This helps people know who you are. On your page, you could build your brand. You could network and befriend many. In addition, you gain freedom. On their page, people do just that. Sadly, the many that do not outweigh them. It's even sadder to admit that I was one. It is a platform that makes networking easier. Sadly, I was one of them that misused it. I did just what he did and grew up the way he did. I started Facebook soon as it came out because it was therapeutic. Things started that way but, I saw something that could be big. I started looking around and reading different things.

Currently, many wealthy people use network marketing as a stepping stone. Those that are not are old and did it the hard way. They often say they wish it was around in their days starting. It's faster to gain wealth now than it used to be. That's the first thing you must do when you market online. It is needed when you do it anywhere. Since a presence on social media is crucial, Create that personal profile page. Introduce who you are. Most pastors live streaming their sermons did this first. This is how they build their network. Many already have built a network. They just start vlogging as soon as they can. They are often prepared but, this posting is for who are beginners.

So, write a script. So you want to be a vlogger. One of the reasons contributing to its evolution is technology. It has surged over the years. People choose this method because it is far easier than typing. I am one of them that do. You want to start here before you do it. Here is where you can create the story you want. For the experienced, they do not do this but, most beginners should. In my opinion, the experienced should as well. It doesn't matter if it's a video from your phone or your computer at home. You must take this step before it. Once finished, then you shoot it. So get a pen or pencil and start writing. With today's enhanced tech, start typing. Do this to make sure it's on file. Do this with a picture in mind. Grip the minds of your viewers. I will not go into much detail here on those that do not. On the shows, movies, and stage plays, it is a must. Actors and actresses have scripts. No matter how good they are, they have on file what they must say.

2. Write, Shoot, & Edit The Video

Great, you wrote the story. Now it is time to act it out. In other-words, it is time to shoot it. Some do it with a professional camera and some just use their cellular phones. These phones these days possess the qualities needed for this. Cellular device and computers. In addition to the mounters spoken about earlier, they sell the tripods for them too. The piece that grips the cellular devices is on the tripod. So, if you have none, purchase it.Take notes from many of the Youtube stars. Do you think they do much of their work in a studio? If they do, imagine how much they pay per hour. Not only do the tripods come with the feature that grips the cellular devices but with the ring light around it. That is so you have the lighting that you need. There is no reason to not display the products you offer night and day. That’s how your business grows. The tools you need are right there.

Now that you understand shooting, edit it. When some vlog on There are multiple ways that you can get this done. Research the programs that will help you to edit your video. It may cost you, but why not invest in it? Investing in your product is best when you are the one doing the investing. So do not be afraid to do it. For computers and cellular devices, there is software. One is very popular for this. It's called Vimeo is a free platform. Another is Magisto. On Magisto, you could build brand awareness, relationships and increase sales. Thats actually a feature on all software but it is more severe on this one. Since it is, it does cost. There is no such thing as free quality. I tell everyone that I advise on this slogan " If you want quality, spend the money."

If you want to do it on your phone, go and download the app. Sometimes I am at work, and I edit my videos. Many of the programs are free, but free is not something you want to live by in life. With these programs, some of the features are only available if you upgrade. Some of them you have to buy.

I have a video editing program called inshot on mines. I was one of those people that expected quality to be free. After a while, I just started to spend the money. Nothing comes without investment. During this process, do not forget to put a call to action on it also. Spend the money but it is much less money than going in a studio doing it. By all means, I am not saying do not support those running these studios. Just revealing that these phones have all that you need. This world is visual. Viewers want to see something.

3. Build Your Network

So how easy that is? Vlogging helps you build your network. Be not fooled by those that just do live, unedited videos. The live videos are a blessing and a curse. After you have written the script, shot the video and edited it now it's time for a call to action button. When the call to action is enforced they may subscribe, give traffic or even buy the product. This helps the conversion rate. Video and still ads are perfect for owners that desire to attract people to their business. A first impression should be the best one. Let your viewers see what you are offering from the start.

Invite people to your video. If you already added friends, they will know of it soon as it's there. After you complete each step it's ready to be uploaded. Now that you want to make your video public. You wrote the script, recorded it, and edited it. Numerous sites make this possible. You could do the same for all of the social networking sites. Link them to a brand account and manage it from your google account.

Be sure that your videos possess the quality to get the engagement. They make viewers wonder what they are missing out on if they are not watching. Research the different live streaming platforms for professional and business use. Those popular for it are Bright Cove, Da Cast, and IBM Cloud Video. Bright Cove is an online platform for live streaming. The platform targets large businesses. Da Cast is an ideal for live streaming because it is easy to use. IBM is an updated version of UStream. The target on this social media sites are toward the enterprise streaming market. Vloggers are experts in getting the attention, converting it, and keeping it.

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