Power Doesnt Eliminate Adversity

Updated: Sep 24

Jason loves watching movies. Both he and his wife. One of the reasons he loves them is because of reality. Reality about their Christian walk. There is always something in them that he applies to themselves. They both love superhero films. All of the heroes have all that power but, the victory is challenging to get.

One of the things Jason notices in these superhero films is that adversity is always there. When GOD breathed in us all he gave us his likeness. He told us we will have troubles in the world. We have the power but, the victory doesn't come easy.

This is one of the things ignored. Adversity will always be around. It comes before the victory. In todays era, we are taught to run from it. Nothing is wrong with that at all. It's just not realistic to think its not there. Being realistic is never an easy task. When you're realistic, you'd think positive. Things are much easier when you're realistic. Power doesn't eliminate Adversity

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