How To Handle It When He Tests You

Updated: Aug 8

" How lord how? I need answers before I lose it. “ That question is more common than we think. Especially for the many that has been faithful and just. Losing it is common as well. Sometimes GOD answers, sometimes he doesn't. What he says when he does hurts at times. Jason knows that better than anyone.

One day he was praying. He has been serving GOD for a while so he was faithful. In addition, he was just. Despite it, there were consecutive unfortunate events. So he asked this question in prayer. The answer God gave him made him to never ask again. He was told to read the 1st book of job. Job was faithful and just like him. He still lost everything he loved. Yet, he remained steadfast.

GOD wanted him to see something in that book. Jason took heed gladly. You don't serve him to not be tested. That is a set up for every believer. It's because of that many walk away. Society has given us the wrong perception about this walk. We all could do the same thing Job did. No matter how faithful you are, GOD will test you. Staying faithful is the simple way of handling it. Job was faithful and you could be too.

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