Abuse Didn't Stop Her

Updated: May 9

Angela knew her partner for 20 years. She described him as a good person prior to the what started as verbal abuse in the beginning. She said that his behavior became more and more combative after his mom died in 2015 He started to buy different weapons that included guns, a machete, and a shotgun. She started to feel the force of his aggression along with the people on social media. The signs were there in bright neon colors for her to see where it was headed. But like any great woman would do. She was trying to be there to support him during a difficult time in his life after his mom passed away. She chose to see the good in him during the difficult time.

A November argument was the first time she experienced physical abuse at the hands of him. The argument spiraled out of control when he got upset with her for asking him to leave. Agreeing to disagree she opened the door to escort him out and he threw her out the door and started to choke her. They broke up after this incident. But they reconciled and that ended up being another costly mistake. They had another argument that almost took her life. A brief disagreement led to gunshots being fired at her while she was in the bathtub. He shot her and stood over her saying “Look what you made me do Angie. You made me shoot you”. SHe was instantly paralyzed. She explained in her own words what happened next.

I felt as though I was dying. My legs felt prickly. I didn’t realize he’d shot me in the back and I was already paralyzed. I can remember being loaded into the paramedics truck and saying to the female paramedic, “please don’t let me die, I have four children to raise." I spent 3 weeks in hospital. During that time around 400 people came to visit me. That’s when I realized I had a message I wanted to share.

After surviving 9 gunshots she realized she had a message that could help others. She now uses her experience to promote domestic violence awareness, Gun control and mental health awareness. She is now apart of the IRS Domestic Violence Center helping victims who are experiencing domestic violence in their relationship. She believes in doing more than just pointing them in the right direction. She wants to walk them in the right direction.

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