GOD's Always Loving the Hell Out Of Us

Updated: Sep 24

Jason and his wife walk out to speak to a large audience. They are wearing a shirt that says "Jesus loves the hell out of me." They both notice the awkward looks from the crowd. Before they start Jason explains it “Crazy right?  No it's not cursing. That's just what GOD does for us daily. His love eradicates the hell in us. This Bible is our manual on how to apply it. God may not be here physically but he left us this”. He raises up the Bible.


There is a misconception about love in this world. It's not comfortable all the time. Think of something you desire. You work so hard to get it but in the end you do not. There were signs you won't before. You just ignored it. That happened to me. As a response, I questioned GOD. I asked him why and he said “That was never for you” Jason and his wife does not do that because he created them. They don't even pray about it before starting. They don't start. God already answered them. They know who they serve and what he wants.


“His love never ends. We live in a very challenging world. So he's working daily. When I was growing up, we often heard the term no pain no gain. It was used by body builders and anyone successful. That same saying we apply to their marriage. We also do it to others.” God loves us so much it hurt sometimes. Sometimes that hurt makes us overreact. It makes us jump to conclusions. Society taught. It makes us run to altars in churches and ask for prayer for it to stop. Nothing is wrong with that at all. It's just been misused.  God is always loving the hell out of us. If he doesn't, that is a problem.




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