Don't Chase What You Already Have

Jason looked in his mirror the next day and said “I am an elect race. I am a royal priesthood. I am a holy nation. I am a person after GOD’s own possession.” Jason made sure to look at his life the way it was created. He desired to show forth the excellence of GOD. Sadly, he had a friend that wasn’t doing the same. He was struggling. He gave him a call before Jason left to work in need of some GODLY advice. Jason made it easy for him and said “Like me, we must all know that we were called out of darkness. We are all in his marvelous light. Mercy wasn't always given unto us, now it is. Jason echoed what he studied in 1 Peter 2:9-10. Holiness is our identity no matter how we try denying it. We are all given the righteousness of Christ.

The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us. It seals us. It sets us apart for eternity. Jason was one of the many that were stuck on this cycle. That was until he attended a networking event. What that speaker said changed his outlook for the better & now he's using it to help others. Jason sat with a friend and informed him of the practice. He told the friend to not spend his life chasing what he has. The enemy wants us to lack that confidence. That is the only way we will feel discouraged. He doesn't want us to know that we have that power already.

For example, Adam and Eve in the garden. Since they were chasing the knowledge of who they are, they made a mistake. It says so in Genesis 3:5. Satan enticed him and told him that he will be like GOD. Adam was given strict rules to not eat of the tree of life. Truth is, they were already like GOD. Like them, we are too. Be mindful that we are not GOD. That is what got Satan thrown out of heaven. We are made in his image & likeness. Don't let Satan trick you like he did them. He often does that when we are at our lowest point. So, stay confident and chase nothing that you already have.

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