Being Holier Than Thou is a Good Thing

Jason Smith sees himself as a believer in Christ. He desires to be more but, he often wonders if he could give it. His mind often goes wondering how to live holy and pure in this world. He has some preconceived theories about it but, he is not sure. It is all just theories. The world has given him unrealistic images. Unrealistic but true as well. Society has taught us if we do what is right, we could be holy. Even if wrong is being done. Many of us are not concerned with being holy but Jason is.

When GOD breathed the likeness of him in us, he breathed holiness. He called us to it but really, it is a demand. That is at least how Jason looks at it. He knows that GOD gives us free will. He just conducts himself like he has no option. Habits of holiness is needed in this world. Jason wants his life to be marked by confidence, boldness, and closeness with GOD. He attended a networking event and heard similar. He also heard some words that changed his entire perspective on what holiness really means.

There are creatures in heaven that declare holiness. They do so 24/7. Since GOD never ceases to be holy, they don’t. Solomon says in a prayer that there is no GOD like him in the earth or heaven. GOD keeps his covenant and shows his unfailing love to all. Especially to those devoted to him. Jason knows what the bible says. In fact, the entire world knows. Earlier it was said that it's unrealistic but true. It's true because people do not want to be called Holier than thou or something. The pressure a Christian faces from the world takes its toll. God wants us to be holier than thou. His word says it. We must all declare the praises of him who has brought us out of darkness. Jason is not the only one chosen, we all are. Being holier than thou is a good thing.

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