Avoid Making This Big Mistake

How do you handle trials and tribulations? That is a question that is very easy to answer. Sadly, it is more complex convincing people they come. No one could tell you that better than Jason. He had a hard time convincing his wife. He is also having a hard time convincing one of his good friends.

Mike Smith has been a friend to Jason since childhood. The two did everything together growing up. It is not unusual that he asks Jason for advice. When he asked this, Jason started off saying "We all hate trials. Society has taught us to serve GOD and they won't come. His word proves that is not true. There are multiple scriptures that confirm they will come. "

"One of them is in the book of John " he says. " It is in chapter 16:33. "Jason said that he thinks this is the most forgotten one. GOD said that we will struggles in this world. He advises us to be of good cheer and to take heart in him. We'd only have peace in him. He overcame the troubles. Only he could help us. Me and my wife have been through this enough" he says. "This is how we started seeing things differently. We stopped questioning GOD. "

Think of how we were created. It was not done with nice fabric but dirt. We were not born into light but darkness as well. Discomfort was always here and trials will be. Trials is uncomfortable. They come to builds us. They do not come to bring us down. Sadly, many people allow that to happen. GOD knows all that we go through before it happens. He allows it and knows why. He knows what we need. To think they will not come is a big mistake. " So when they do come, I won't know how to handle them" he says. Jason replied " Now you get it. Avoid making that mistake. "

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